Coming to "church" can be overwhelming, especially with kids in tow.  Here are some tips to make your first time more comfortable:

1. Save time by pre-registering before you arrive:

By clicking on the link below, you will pre-register your children for their Sunday morning gathering time. Then when you come in on Sunday morning, go right to our conveniently located Welcome Kiosk inside the front doors to check in.  You will be welcomed and given directions where to go next. 

Please Note that pre-registration must be completed by 3:30 p.m. Friday in order to be entered into our computer system in time for Sunday morning. Thanks!

Children’s Ministry Registration Form

2. Get Oriented Ahead: 

With 3 floors plus the outdoor portable, we know that it can get a bit confusing where to go when you arrive.  Check the map below to see where your child will be going. 

3. On Sunday, Start Right at the Beginning:

As soon as you come in the front doors of the building, you will find the Welcome Kiosk. You will be able to register your family, if you have not completed the pre-registration as mentioned above, and given directions where to go and what to expect.

4. Ask for Help:

Many people are very happy to help you, no matter what your request is. The people at the welcome desk are easy to find, but really any greeter or usher will jump in for whatever you need, without trying to be creepy.

5. Arrive with Time to Spare:

Discomfort for yourself and your child is to be expected in a new environment, especially in something with deep emotional connotations, such as church.  Give yourself lots of time to get your child checked into their classroom and time for you to be seated in the gathering before 10am.  This alone can make all the difference in your time in Eaglemont Church for the morning.

Still unsure? Email us at and we would love to help.