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Thank you for visiting the ECC website. Eaglemont Church is a place to discover and grow in your relationship with God and others. We are a contemporary, family-oriented group of people. We believe that the Bible is relevant for everyone’s “every day”. Whether you are a seeker who is just beginning to investigate Christianity or a committed Christ-follower, there’s a place for you to belong, grow, and serve at ECC. We invite you to check us out on a Sunday morning at 10am. We look forward to meeting you.


  • True North

    Date Posted: Jul 03 2014 by Joel Derdall

    When I was a kid I remember learning basic wilderness training in clubs. The leaders would always talk about some of the important tools one ... Read More

  • Jesus Centered

    Date Posted: Jun 13 2014 by Marlo Jenkins

    People sometimes attach different definitions to the word ‘Gospel.’ However, the Gospel, very simply, is ‘Jesus’ – who He is and what He did on ... Read More