What Should I Wear?

We care a lot more about who you are than how you dress. So whether that means you are dressed in jeans or business casual, we are excited to meet you. Everybody is welcome.

What Will sunday morning be like?

Our time together is about 75 minutes. During that time you can expect a relaxed and casual environment. You are welcome to just come and check it out without fear of awkward moments. Our goal is to create an authentic opportunity for all people to experience the relevant and inspirational truth that comes from the Bible. We aim to create a great environment for people with limited Bible knowledge as well as "long term" Christians at our gatherings. 

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What About My Kids?

We have amazing, quality program for children from ages 1-11. You can check your child into our safe and fun kids programming at the check in centre in the lobby on the main floor.

“Fun, safe Biblical kids programming is extremely important to us. For more information on our children's opportunities click here

Click here to PLAN YOUR VISIT for your family.

Will I Be Asked to Give money

We don’t want you to feel pressured to give. We want you to enjoy the environment and opportunity to experience God. If you call our church your home, we encourage you to give financially to God and His church as an act of worship. If you are here as an observer, there is no pressure to give. We are happy to have you with us.  

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