Eaglemont goals - Draft 3.png

GOALS - From 2019-2020 we have these goals to help us live out the mission statement of our Eaglemont Church

KNOWING GOD is possible! We want our Sunday Gatherings to be a place where people encounter God and grow in their knowledge of and love for Him! We want seekers to be drawn closer to knowing God personally by what they feel, hear and experience in the Sunday gathering or in a small group.  We also aim to encourage Christ-followers to be “self-feeders” by inspiring and equipping them in spiritual disciplines like Bible reading and prayer. 

LOVING PEOPLE is what Jesus said his followers just do!  Growing in our knowledge of and love for God will result in a love and compassion for all people! Love is also an effective witness to the reality of Jesus Christ. Our aim is to see loving and authentic relationships develop in the context of small groups. Spiritual growth happens best in the context of meaningful relationships with other Christ-followers.  

SERVING THE WORLD is at the heart of what it means to be a Christ-follower! Jesus used the imagery of “salt and light” to illustrate the positive influence that his followers should have in their world. We want to participate, locally and globally, in being ‘salt and light’, and effectively serve our world. Engaging in service makes a positive difference for others, and helps our personal faith grow. 

SIMPLE CHURCH – Ideally, ‘Simple Church’ is:

➢  Focused and streamlined – In church life it can easily be that there are not enough volunteers to fill all the leadership and ministry positions necessary to run the ‘machine’ of an over-programmed church. ‘Simple church’ does not mean we are not busy, but it should mean uncluttered and balanced. It should mean we are busy advancing focused priorities.

➢  More about relationships than programs – Obviously, some structure and programming is necessary, but church environments can become places where people become more focused on DOING church rather than growing at BEING the church. Obviously being will result in meaningful and purposeful doing but the top priority is being, which speaks of the priority of relationships – with God and others.

➢  Being willing to say “No” to good things – This is not easy, but is sometimes necessary to experience the best things. The more we add to church program options, the more we contribute to the diluting of our resources, focus, and effectiveness.

➢  Not easy – Actually, it can take more effort to stay ‘simple’ and focused as a church moves forward with a desire to have increased influence and effectiveness! In the book, ‘Simple Church’, Rainer & Geiger say: “There is a big difference between simple and easy. Simple is basic, uncomplicated, and fundamental. Easy is effortless.”

➢  Sustainable (with fewer Christian casualties) – In the context of church life, you’ve probably heard someone say: “We’ve got to do something… the need is so great!” Many church leaders, motivated by a genuine desire to reach people (or by a sense of obligation to “be all things to all people”), eventually act in response to a stated “need.” The reality is that there will never be an end to the needs around us. Every church must decide whether to try to meet every need that see or be more focused and endeavor to do fewer things with the goal of maximum impact, by God’s grace. We believe this approach to be more sustainable.